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Why Pick Car One?

150 Years of combined mechanical experience!

At Car One we strive to provide the highest level of service at affordable prices, reason why we only select the most qualified mechanics to work with us.

Our dedicated training schedules guarantee that any technician working on your vehicle has the competence to excel in mechanical skills and with a genuine passion for the industry, which is the driving force behind our obsession for customer satisfaction.

We not only select the best professionals available, but also prioritize that some of our team members have graduated from Mechanical Engineering, allowing us to tackle any mechanical, electronic or electrical vehicle repair,  knowing that our clients are always protected and their cars in good and highly qualified hands

What is the Car One business model?

Unlike other mechanical businesses or franchises, we believe that nobody looks after the clients better than the owners themselves, for which we also integrate our team members as part of the operations by becoming business partners, meaning that when you speak with one of our mechanics, you are in most cases speaking to one of the owners.

This business model has been proven to be the best and most effective mean to maintain and increase accountability and customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal.

We involve and maintain close relationships with our suppliers in the day to day operations, and consider them as long term partners. Car One delegates responsibility to its employees to act and make decisions autonomously, which encourages our employees, always guided by the owners, to take ownership of the business by creating an informal and enjoyable but responsible environment. We aim to stimulate each person to develop new ideas and initiate improvements to our methods of operation. Both employees and owners alike enjoy working  together as they share the profits and achievements, and can be proud of the part they play in Car One’s success.

We are seriously focused on our customer's safety.

Everyone at Car One takes their duties very seriously by regularly servicing their tools and equipment and using only approved and genuine car parts, guaranteeing that not only the qualifications of the technicians is second to none but also, that nothing  that could damage our reputation has been overlooked. 

At Car One your satisfaction is paramount and we appreciate your feedback.

Car One is committed to providing the highest level of servicing and we measure this by regularly following up after any service has been completed, to make sure the clients is completely happy by the time of pick up, and long after that. This system permits to keep track of what are we doing right and what needs to be addressed to improve our service.