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Do you suffer from

A noisy muffler or exhaust fumes coming inside the car?
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Do you suffer from a noisy muffler or exhaust fumes coming inside the car? Not a problem, we can help!

Most people underestimate the importance of an efficient exhaust system and the benefits of it.

Most diesel vehicles these days come with DPF systems (Diesel Particle Filters) to prevent toxic fumes to be released into the air. These part of the vehicle requires servicing in most cases around the 100,000kms or less as otherwise it will clog up, making the vehicle run inefficiently, creating soot and eventually damaging the engine altogether, if not addressed as per service schedules.

In most cases it is just a matter of cleaning the system and off you go, so why wait and face a much more concerning outcome?

Call us today to book an inspection and find out how affordably you can keep your car running like new!

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